About CPES

The Canadian Philosophy of Education Society (CPES) is devoted to philosophical inquiry into educational issues and their relevance for developing educative, caring, and just teachers, schools, and communities. The Society welcomes inquiries about membership from professionals and graduate students who share these interests.The Society was formed in 1972 and Nirmal Bhattacharya served as the first President from 1974 until 1976. In 1981/82, the Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE) recognized CPES as a “significant interest group” of the Canadian Association of Foundations of Education (CAFE), which it remains today. The Society meets annually with CSSE, where it conducts its annual business meeting and members discuss their most recent research.Comments or questions about this website should be directed to CPES Digital at CPESDigital@gmail.com.

The constitution of the Society can be found here.
La constitution de la société peut être trouvée ici.