Philosophical Inquiry in Education (PIE)

The Journal of the Canadian Philosophy of Education Society

Philosophical Inquiry in Education, is a peer-reviewed academic journal, welcomes reflective and critical inquiry into all topics, subjects, issues, and problems in education. The journal encourages in particular wide-ranging and imaginative philosophical debates and reconceptualizations concerning aims, methods, and practices of education, curriculum theory, pedagogy, the nature of knowledge, ethical dimensions of education, and educational policies. Philosophical Inquiry in Education welcomes submissions from all philosophical traditions. Previously known as Paideusis, the journal has been published since 1987 and has been an open-access journal since January 2006. The first issue under the banner of Philosophical Inquiry in Education was published in 2015.

As in the past, all submitted manuscripts must be peer-reviewed as part of our editorial process.

In addition to articles and reviews, Philosophical Inquiry in Education also has a dialogue section for less formal thinking, writing, and communication in the community.Submissions Authors can submit to four categories: Articles, Philosophical Fragments, Book Reviews, and Dialogue. All submissions are to be made online. For submission guidelines and to submit a manuscript, go to the journal's web site and click on the 'For Authors' link at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar.